İzzet Keribar

Church of Gold and Sailboat

  • 45x30cm 600 TL

    Edition of 35, Lambda C-Print, Artist Signed

  • 75x50cm 2250 TL

    Edition of 25, Lambda C-Print, Artist Signed

(Including tax)

About İzzet Keribar

Izzet Keribar was born in Istanbul – Turkey, in 1936.

He is the owner of several international prizes and was recently  awarded the “ Grand Artistic Prize”  in  2012 by the Turkish Ministry of Culture.

He practices photography as a professional freelancer,  So far he had  published seven books. His work  is also published in local and foreign magazines

Keribar received A.Fiap and E.Fiap distinctions in 1985 and 1988.  After many years of consecutive slide shows, personal photography exhibitions,  participation in selection commitees, seminars and flashy  prizes , he consolidated  his place among Turkish Photographers.